Once inside the choice of Shoreditch town hall as the venue became quite obvious. Not only would we later learn that it was actually the site of some hearings from the Jack the Ripper investigations, but its Victorian grandeur could not have been more fitting. Staff to guide the guests to drinks, canapé’s and cloak rooms were dressed immaculately as Victorian policemen that could have come straight from Leman Street. They took their roles extremely seriously and more than once I heard them saying things like “This way Madam please – no dawdling!” 

Ripper Street Series 3 Premiere

The audience was then in hushed anticipation for the double bill first 2 episodes of Ripper Street Series 3. I can’t tell you how long we sat there as these cuts to be aired on Amazon Prime Instant Video are not constricted by the hour and could be 50 minutes or 80 minutes. But it didn’t matter as we were transported instantly to the comfortable familiarity we have come to know and love with Ripper Street. We could have sat all night watching, it is as if they have never been away. I had some anticipation that what if the show isn’t like it was? What if it isn’t the same? Well it’s not the same. Its better! That’s not just a throwaway line said for effect, Ripper Street has returned with a new vigour and enthusiasm. It holds itself high with a pride (quite rightly) that says it should never have been cancelled in the first place.
Fans of Ripper Street and new viewers alike you will not be disappointed. It’s clear that everyone involved in the show has worked hard to do the very best job they can and it really shows. Episode 1 is brilliant but in my humble opinion episode 2 (written by Toby Finlay) is fantastic and shocking in equal measure. If this is the standard for the series, we are in for a real treat! 4 years have passed since we left Inspector Reid at the end of series 2. His world is a very different place and things are not as we knew them. Old faces flock around Inspector Reid but not always as friends.

​And as for Long Susan…
you will have to wait and see!...

​ Ripper Street series 3 premiers at 9pm this Friday 14th November on Amazon prime Instant video as a double bill. 6 more episodes will be aired one every week at 9pm Fridays. The series will then be aired on BBC One and BBC America in 2015.

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Christopher Stagg

After some drinks and canapé’s with the cast and crew (Adam Rothenberg had moustache envy of me as he was near clean shaven for the evening) the Victorian policeman lead us upstairs to take our seats. All of the main cast Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, MyAnna Buring, Adam Rothenberg, Charlene Mckenna and series creator & lead writer Richard Warlow took to the stage. Each in turn gave their feelings for the show both new series and old, their gratitude for being able to create the show again, and heartfelt thanks for their fans relentless campaign to return Ripper Street to our screens.

12.11.14 Last Thursday was the 6th November. The excitement of Halloween, my Birthday and Bon Fire Night have passed. It is otherwise an ordinary and boring day…
…Thank goodness the evening was so special as I was fortunate enough to attend the Ripper Street Series 3 Premier! Arriving at Shoreditch about half an hour early, my wife and I decided to go for a bite to eat. The venue appeared unremarkable baring a queue for the bus stop nearby and a single man (presumably door man) waiting outside. However when we returned a crowd had gathered around the stone steps of Shoreditch town hall, and you could be forgiven for thinking you had been transported back 100 years to the late 19th century. A man was handing out bags of fresh roasted chestnuts to guests, as well as a younger man handing out mock newspapers (publicity material for Ripper Street) shouting “Read all about it! Ripper Street returns!” Both were convincingly dressed in late Victorian attire.