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28th September 2020 - Hello there friends, bit of a different update today. My good friend who is a super talented writer, has just launched her website. Please do check it out here. Kara will be blogging about writing and mental health and you can also read about her latest novel. A special treat if you sign up to her newsletter, you can be in with the chance of winning 1 of 2 handmade luxury hand made candles! Good luck and please do check out her work.

18th September 2020 - Good news horror family! The London Horror Society Members hub will be live next Friday the 25th! Please head on over to our LHS website and sign up for our newsletter to get your members hub access. Please do follow us too on social media for big announcements coming soon! (I'll post them here too obviously!)

1st September 2020
- Happy autumn everyone! Ah the greatest season, crunching leaves on forest walks, misty visits to the coast, extra warm sheets and hot soup oh and a little thing called Halloween! I love autumn! This year, autumn is going to be extra special as we have some big announcements coming out of London Horror Society towers over the coming three months, including something big towards the end of September! To keep up to date keep an eye on (the new) LHS website here and follow us on our social media links too. If you want to get in touch with me on anything London Horror Society related you can email me on:​

29th August 2020
- Hello there horror fans. As it's Fright Fest weekend, I have something a little different for the TFI90s blog. This week we take a look at one of the most important horror films ever made, which also happen to be one of my favourites. Head over to my Phoenix FM page to ready my article on The Blair Witch Project.

22nd August 2020 - I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks and days of summer? A little over a month ago I said I was going to be launching a new Instagram platform for my art, but unfortunately it's going to take a little bit longer. I have the account ready and even a brand new website in the works. But typically, my Surface has packed in, and I was using that to do my art digitally, well to colour at least! So it's back to the drawing board - quite literally. It's going to take a bit longer for me to figure out the best way to get hand drawings on the net, I may just end up photographing them because my scanner isn't great either. Bear with me! :)

07th August 2020 -
 Oh my today is gonna be HOTTTTT! I'm currently sitting by the fan updating the website. I've added a new writing section, which over the coming weeks I'll add some of my original fiction to. But to start things off you can find links to the people I regularly write for. please check it out and if you need a writer or illustrator for hire, just give me a shout!

27th July 2020 - Hello music fans. While we wait for the return of my music show TFI90's, Please check out my new weekly nineties blog for Phoenix FM! Check out the first edition here: Keep it 90's!

25th July 2020 -  
Today's the day horror hounds! The horror podcast Things That Go Bump in The Night has landed! Check out Scott's Black Sunday Tapes YouTube channel and please tell us what you think of Episode 1 of Things That Go Bump in The Night. We really want this to be interactive, so do get in touch and let us know what you think. Also check out Scott's other show; Classic Horror with Michael Donahue.

23rd July 2020 - Hey Gang! We have some super exciting top secret things going on behind the scenes over at LHS Towers. Hopefully we will have some big announcements soon. In the meantime, do check out our website for all your horror needs, including news, competitions and articles - included a new one by me... My Top 5 Scary Cartoons of this Millennium. Enjoy!

19th July 2020 - Hi everyone. I have some exciting news! I'm thrilled to announce that I will be co-hosting a brand new horror podcast with none other than filmmaker Scott Lyus. As part of Scott's Podcast Channel; The Black Sunday Tapes, Things That Go Bump in The Night will look at the latest horror news and opinions. Really excited for this!

​12th July 2020 - Good mourning guys and ghouls. I have had a couple of conversations about my art recently, which I have been posting pretty infrequently. I've decided to really give it more focus and so will be launching a dedicated Instagram account for it soon. Watch this space.


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